SPIN modules in Infectious Diseases/Immunology or Allergy

Trainee Special Interest (SPIN) modules are the additional training/experience a trainee can complete in order to become the local lead and part of the clinical network providing for children who need specialist paediatric care


There is one SPIN module available for paediatric infectious diseases and immunology and a separate spin module available for allergy.

Further information, including the competency frameworks for each module, is available on the RCPCH website.


The module takes 18 months to complete and requires overall supervision from a consultant of the relevant specialty. The aim of the module is for trainees with an interest in allergy or infectious diseases/immunology to gain extra training in the specialty. It is not intended to replace GRID training but is useful training for shared care patients in DGHs. Any trainee wishing to undertake the module will need written confirmation from the PAIID supervisor that they are happy to supervise for the full 18 months that must be provided with their application. Supervision includes educational supervisory meetings and ARCP meetings.


Any educational supervisor who would like to take part in ARCP for trainees or interested trainees, please contact Kirsty Le Doare for more information.