Newly elected BPAIIG Committee Members!

We are excited to announce the newly elected and appointed BPAIIG committee members:

  • Jonathan Cohen - Secretary
  • Stefania Vergnano - Treasurer
  • Alison Kent - Education Secretary

 Liz Whittaker, Rosy Wells and Maaike Kusters will continue in the roles of Convenor, allergy representative and immunology representative respectively. Our current trainee representatives Ros Capelin-Jones and Sarah Prentice are helpfully covering Gabriella Watson and Zaineb Hamed while they are off work.  Liz Derow will continue in the role of BPAIIG administrator and lead for membership services. We are extremely grateful to the outgoing committee members who have worked so hard to allow BPAIIG and its work go from strength to strength in recent years. So a heartfelt thank you goes to David Porter (Treasurer) and Felicity Fitzgerald (Education Secretary), as well as Alasdair Bamford (Secretary; on sabbatical), Robin Basu Roy (Secretary; cover), and Chrissie Jones (Education Secretary)We’re sad to see them go and look forward to our next face to face meeting when we can thank them in person, Best wishesFrom the BPAIIG teamPlease direct all queries to and/or