Details on how to access BPAIIG website, resources and free training modules

Dear all trainees

To see the web training pages and have full access to BPAIIG resources please sign up to become a member (only £20/year, tax deductable) via this website. Sue Brockes-Smith will contact you with the standing order form once you have "applied" via the web.

Becoming a member gives you full access to BPAIIG training and web resources: MEMBERS CAN CLAIM TRAVEL AND HOTEL EXPENSES FOR ALL BPAIIG TRAINING MODULES. For current information about training modules, go to​ (requires login).

Once you have registered and been given a password you will be able to see all the training day information under the "training" tab that will appear at the the top of the page. You'll also have full access to the discussion forums, research and document management system.

If you have any problems accessing the site please contact Sue Brockes-Smith,